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Barman Tejarat Iliya Trading Company
Registry No.:514593
Main activity field: importing and exporting goods in various industrial, health, and food domains, etc.
Address: No. 4, 3th floor, 12, Abedini St., Pasdaran Ave, Tehran, Iran.
Phone Number: 02122784868-02122798708
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Business is being considered as a scicence from the viewpoint of Barman Tejarat Iliya trading group and we must employ professional counselors in order to experience the best of it. Having a good knowledge of trading affairs and their related processes are among the most important factors in international trading. This knowledge requires sufficient information, expertise and experience. In order to be able to export/import any good, we must have a good knowledge of the stages involved in its arrival and departure.

Barman Tejarta Iliya Company has been mainly established for provision of proper solutions in the field of export and import in order to equip the respective businessmen and traders with 10-years experiences of its managers and founders. This has turned Barman Tejarat Iliya Company into  one of the accredited and active companies in the field of services, importing, clearance of goods from custom, trading and custom advices.

Considering the current circumstances and the shortage of pastures and famine and as a result of that, feeling a high urge toward importing red meat in order to adjust the market for our company, this company started importing livestock and sheep’s meet (both warm and frozen) from different countries including Russia, Georgia, Poland, Romania, etc. In the first phase, this company has initiated its activity by producing 50 tons of red meat both warm and frozen on a daily basis and dispatching them both through airways and land. In the next phases, this company is planning to increase the same amount up to 100 tons per day.

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The main demand in Iran’s market is for meat from sheep under one years of age.  Considering the mission statement of this company and the emphasis made by managers of this company put on supplying quality, healthy and safe food products for the customers, the experts working in this company try to choose livestock with a proper age and they cooperate the most modern available industrial slaughterhouses in the world. This cooperation also includes sending doctor supervisors from this company for quality checks as well as clergy men for assuring the religious rituals for killing the livestock. In other words, before entering a contract with any party, this company first ensures all the relevant environmental conditions, production conditions, health status of the livestock, Islamic killing and the meat being HALAL and after ensuring all these requirements and other pre-defined standards, will commence on issuing the certificate and will control and supervise the production and dispatching process until the product is transferred to the country.

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Affiliated companies in packaging and distributing food products imported by Barman Tejarat Iliya Company:
• The Corporate of Supporting Consumption in the livestock affairs
• Isfahan
• Payetakht System
• Ronak Protein
• Pouya Protein
• Kourosh Protein
• Goltaj
• Behin Protein
• Ariyan Gelareh
• Shemshad Protein
• Milad Gousht

Other facilities

In addition to specialized importation activities in meat (frozen and non-frozen) industry, Barman Tejarat Ilia Company is also specialized in vehicle importation from Europe, Canada, Persian Gulf countries, importation of machines and facilities for printing and packaging industry, importation of carton manufacturing machineries (opening the full manufacturing line in Iran), etc. This company have always attempts to be the best participant for traders and merchants through providing an appropriate substrate in commercial activities.

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